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Jamkings 2K14

"It's a game that's simple, challenging, and addictive."


A classic basketball game with a twist: as you drain jumpers and slam dunks, you will be faced with falling boxes, debris, and gauntlets! Strategically utilize upgrades like blaster guns, slow motion, and a protective shield to complete your journey! Compete against your friends and people from around the world in multiplayer tournaments.

Le Puppy Clumsy Biker

"Addicting and fun"


You are on a crazy, high-speed mission to out-race your opponents in our thrilling bike-racing game. Collect repair kits to purchase upgrades to your bike and improve your high scores! Compete against your friends as you confront obstacles, gaps, and debris on your way to the finish line.

Urban Pictionary

"Amazingly funny!"


Introducing the dirtiest game in the app store: Urban Pictionary. Test your dirty vocabulary and compete against your friends in this dirty word puzzle. Earn coins unlock new levels with even funnier words and phrases.

Wakaville USA

"This my shiznit. Zombies don’t want no smoke"


Go hard in the paint on zombies as Waka Flocka, fighting your way across the country as you battle hoards of zombie attackers with guns, knives, and your fists. Play mini-games to increase your shooting skills and boost your speed. Compete against your friends and players from around the world to win prizes and unlockables.

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