MXL Build — Democratizing Mobile Apps

After months of hard work and dedication we’re proud to announce the beta launch of MXL Build, the first, free native app builder in existence. With our builder, you can create an app in minutes with absolutely no coding required. Our goal is to democratize the smartphone and tablet, and this launch is going to help take us there.

Build Something

MXL Build is currently in a private beta test, and we’ve already had 27,000 requests to test it. The outpouring of support is humbling, and we can’t wait to see what you think. This is the second version of our mobile app builder, and while the first was a good start we took all the criticism and praise and built something we think everyone will want to use.

Just as exciting, we’re also announcing a $1.5 Million round of funding from The Garland Funds. This investment let us grow our team so that we can continually tinker, experiment, and give you a superior product. We’re thankful to have an investment team led by Gary Holdren (former CEO of Huron Consulting Group) to help guide us through this process. Also, we wanted to thank Mark Cuban who had enough faith in us to add MobileX Labs as one of his portfolio companies.

The truth is that over two thirds of Americans own smartphones, and that number is growing. But if you’ve ever tried to build a quality, native app you know that it either takes immense technical skill or thousands of dollars. Worse, the submission process is complicated and time consuming. We designed MXL Build to take you through to process step-by-step and demystify what happens in your phone.

Whether you’re a business, an artist, or a tinkerer like us, we’ve built a function for you. Monetization, third party app integration, e-commerce modules and gamification are only a few of the features we’ve included. We also gave you the ability to completely stylize your app or upload existing logos and colors.

One of the most important things about MobileX Labs is that we’re never finished. We’re always working and always improving. Those are the traits that attracted our investors and those are the traits responsible for the products we provide. We’re proud to leave you with these kind words from our respected investors and advisors. We hope to earn the same praise and support from you as we did from them.

“I chose to work with the MobileX team because it was clear from the beginning that they were a smart group of entrepreneurs who were more than driven to succeed in their mission to democratize the app store." -Mark Cuban

“The reason we invested in them is not because of the problems they’re solving today, but the problems they are solving with their forthcoming suite of products.” -Gary Holdren

Always tinkering,

MobileX Labs