Dispatch from the road — MobileX Labs on the Recess.is Campus Bus Tour

Super excited to be a part of the Recess.is spring tour. After a weekend of setup and event rehearsal at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN (also CEO Dan’s alma mater), we kicked off the inaugural 'Playground', 'Study Hall', and pitch competition yesterday at IU. During Playground, 20-30 startups from around the world set up booths to show off their products (and in MXL’s case, recruit new hires).

The #Playground is under full swing! Come out and join the #RECESSTour to meet amazing startups and win cool gear! -- via @recess on Instagram

Study Hall followed, where speakers like Brent Freeman (CEO, Roozt) and Tony Conrad (Founder, True Ventures) spoke in front of students about their entrepreneurial experiences. Then there was a student pitch competition, where IU student startups pitched their companies to a panel of judges (CEO Dan was on the panel!), who selected a winner to compete in Vegas against the pitch winners from the other schools on the tour.

Then, the tour hit the road. Recess tour personnel as well as a handful of companies piled into two luxury tour buses complete with beds for the 12-hour overnight drive to Philadelphia.

Home for the next week! #RecessTour -- via @robinhargadon on Instagram

Just finished up Playground at Drexel today, where we set up outside in long tents (it was a bit windy. Lots of student foot traffic meant I got to speak to a ton of students about MXL and our products.

MobileX Labs allows you to build your own app without any coding knowledge required. #RECESSTour -- via @recess on Instagram

More speakers and student pitches at Drexel tonight before we head to University of Maryland tomorrow and then NYU on Thursday. Check out #RECESSTour on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated with everything happening on the tour. They’ve got the social media on lock!