Apps for Musicians

Giving back to your fans is probably the most important aspect of a successful app. Use interactivity tools like Chats or FanWalls to communicate directly with them. Hold photo and other types on contests within the app, and give recognition, or even digital or physical prizes, to the winners. Mobile apps also allow for systems that capture user activity within the app, so you can reward your most loyal users. This type of gamification within an app is a powerful tool to retain users and generate new ones.

The Payoff

For bands, DJs, and other musicians, creating a mobile app is a very effective way to grow your brand, and even generate some revenue in doing so. There are many ways to monetize an app, whether it be through retail sales, advertising, or eCommerce. But making money shouldn't be the primary focus of an app for an up-and-comer. You want to use this app to connect with your fans and acquire new ones. The benefits of the mobile platform are endless, considering that mobile internet traffic is now the lion's share of all online activity. You don't want to miss out on such a huge opportunity to expand your reach.

Reach Your Digital Potential

Bands, DJs, and all types of musicians would do very well to have their own mobile app. Connecting to your fans digitally is a great way to grow you mobile fan base and expand the reach of your music. The thing is, you don't want to create an app that serves no purpose except to inform people of the existence of your music. "Vanity Apps", while they an be useful and successful for already-established people, are fairly useless for musicians without a large following, and are looked down upon by people in the record industry as a waste of time. The key to a successful app is to engage your fans- give them a reason to open your app more than once.

Make it Interactive

Your fans love to interact with you. That's why they come to shows and post messages to your social media. An app is a great avenue in which to continue and develop further interaction. Apps also have the benefit of feeling 'exclusive', as in fans will feel a deeper connection through an app than they would a website or blog.

Posting original and exclusive content to your app is a good way to ensure its success amongst current and new fans. Use special Instagram or Flickr accounts to post App-specific photos, and incentivize more app users by announcing new shows and information within the app first. With your music, you can ensure massive amounts of downloads by releasing new tunes exclusively in the app (either for free or for purchase).